samedi 8 mai 2010

Mat Plus 2008


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Guy Sobrecases a dit…

1.Rc3? but 1…c5! 2.b5 c4 3.b4?? [4.Fc4‡] pat.

1.Fc4+!? Rd4 2.?? zz (2.R~?/2.T~?/2.Te2!?) 2.c5 3.b5 d5 4.Ff1! c4 5.b4 c3 6.Te2 Rc4 7.Te4‡

1.Fd3!!? tempo 1…Rd4? 2.Fc4!
mais 1... c5!

1.Fa6!! Rd4 2.Fc4!! d5 3.Ff1! c5 4.b5 c4 5.b4 c3 6.Te2 Rc4 7.Te4‡
1…c5? 2.Fb7+ Rd4 3.Te4‡

Un Indien montrant le switchback de la pièce thématique après un "touch and go" en c4.
Manoeuvre de tempo.

"A very beautiful long-range Indian with oscillation/switchback of the WBf1. (SD) »

"Very nice tempo problem with switchback and Indian. I like this". (GR) »